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Kayaking Courses Class 4
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Creeking Courses Austria
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Kayak School Arlberg Instagram Page

Here at Kayak School Arlberg we are extremely passionate about what we do.  We have been kayaking, exploring and coaching now for over 22 years, not only here in Austria but all over the world and it is this experience that we bring into all our sessions, trips, guiding or expeditions.  It also motivates us to provide world class coaching and a commitment to ensure you as a kayaker feel safe, progress and have a whole lot of fun while doing it.

Since we built the Kayak School here in the Arlberg we have made sure that we work together with our friends and local companies to provide you with one of the best experiences of kayaking the Alps has to offer.  We believe that the only way our local Alpine rivers stand any chance of survival and stay clear from the devastation and debt that dams and water re-routing cause, is to share the love!  With this ethos all our friends and partners be it accommodation, restaurants, cafe’s, bars and the local bakery regularly see us and our clients use their facilities and businesses thus proving that the sport of kayaking can keep rivers free flowing but also sustain a healthy and positive place in the local tourism industry!

We are an independent company and are THE only local professional Kayak School with fully qualified instructors/coaches/guides and of course our knowledge of the local area is second to none!

So come along and join us on a course, session, river or adventure trip and experience a modern dynamic and pro-active style of kayaking!!

Kayak School Arlberg

21 Feb 17 - With the cold and long nights of January behind us we are currently enjoying the snow skiing here in the Arlberg.  It will not be too long until the Spring is here and our first Adventure Trip of the season.  We are heading to the Indian Himalayas to kayak and explore.  Our season in Austria starts at the beginning of May with Beginner Courses, Improver Class 2-3, Skills & Thrills Class 3-4 and our Intro to Creeking and Creeking Courses are all being run on our home river - the Rosanna. For more information just get in touch by phone or email......

18 Mar 17 - Spring is nearly upon us here now in the Arlberg Region of Austria. However, it will not be until the end of April when the rivers will be up and running. In the meantime we are heading out to the Indian Himalayas to lead an Adventure Trip to the Upper Ganges and its Tributaries.  Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram site for regular updates and photos from one of the best kayaking regions in the Himalayas!! The internet is hit and miss so if you are emailing us over the next 5 weeks, we WILL get back to you but it could take 3-4 days!