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Creeking Austria, Creeking Rosanna River Tirol
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  Throughout our Creeking Kayaking Course we are not just charging down the creek, slide or drop getting worked or even surviving and trying to react.  We are instead looking at making you style each drop by looking ahead, understanding the dynamics of steeper whitewater while launching off rocks, boofing holes and being a much more pro-active and dynamic boater!

We will be working on various techniques associated with creeking such as:

Though there are other regions in the Alps that seem to be more famous, Austria however has great creeking runs and some secret little gems.

All the photos on this page are from creeking in Austria!!

No date to suit your plans, holiday or needs?

Just drop us an email or give us a call.  We are pretty flexible here at the Kayak School giving you the best opportunity to see the region from a different perspective.

No date to suit your plans, holiday or needs?

Just drop us an email or give us a call.  We are pretty flexible here at the Kayak School giving you the best opportunity to see the region from a different perspective!!

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Group Course Prices

2 Day Kayak Course EUR 260 per person

3 Day Kayak Course EUR 360 per person

4 Day Kayak Course EUR 440 per person

Private Courses

€185 per person - for one person per day

€160 per person - for two people per day

€140 per person - for three or more people per day

Kit to bring

If you have your own equipment then please bring it along for the course.  We teach the modern way of kayaking and so if you are in an extremely old, long boat with no edge then we have modern designed kayaks, paddles and equipment that is included in the price of the course.  A sturdy pair of river boots are mandatory (no sandals) plus any of your own personal kayaking apparel.

Summer is a great time to kayak in Austria and especially creeking.  The Spring melt has finished and with a regular flow of water the higher Alpine rivers come into their own and none more so than the Rosanna and Lech Rivers.  With different sections of length and grades we have the opportunity to coach the more advanced creeking techniques in one of the most outstanding settings in Europe.  The Upper Rosanna is a sweet creek that would have you thinking you are in Corsica - but without the syphons!  The Lech Gorges contain some of the best whitewater in Europe and as they are both the Rosanna and Lech our home rivers we know the perfect stretches or sections to coach, train and of course style on!  By breaking down each section or even drop / rapid on a particular part of river we will put each piece of the puzzle together, making it easier to learn, understand and attain our goal of running some of the best Creeks/Rivers the Alps has to offer!!

Breaking in and out of the river is a basic manoeuvre that we have learnt when we first went kayaking on a river, however we now want to improve our eddy skills to enable to nail that small eddy above the next drop or to use the current to help us accelerate out of an eddy thus giving us the speed to concentrate on our main stroke and especially the timing!

Scouting is not just important to see where we need to go as we find that the steeper the river gets the harder it is to scout from our kayak.  Scouting will also help us with an approach to running a rapid thus helping to plan our line and be one step ahead when we reach that certain point on the rapid or feature.

Looking ahead, reading and predicting river features - the more understanding of steeper whitewater we have the easier it becomes to put in the correct technique, with a positive body position thus helping us to stay on the line and be ready for the next move or challenge.  We will be looking at just what happens to the current when a rock hinders the way, the type of technique to use and how we can use these help us navigate our way safely down the river/creek and with a whole lot of fun for instance such as catching air!!

Safety and Group Dynamics will also be an important part of our Creeking course.  Understanding group dynamics and slowing everything down at first will give us a great insight into how we would run a creek with a group of friends and of course the more controlled and organised the group is the safer the descent will be, limiting those critical situations and lowering the chances of having a real nightmare situation!

Portaging rapids associated with steeper terrain will also be covered,  here in this part of the Alps our creeks have very steep banks so having the knowledge of lining boats, setting up hand rails and secure foot placement while carrying a kayak is extremely important.  Sometimes just getting to and from the river can require some exposed terrain!

Experience Required

You should have experience of kayaking Class IV whitewater with experience of creeking and your eskimo roll should be solid!  We will be kayaking for around 4-5 hours a day, so though you do not need to be an Olympic Athlete you should have a certain amount of paddle fitness or stamina!

Accommodation and Food

We have everything here in the Arlberg Region from camping, bed and breakfast, holiday flats and of course hotels.  Just go to our partners page to see just a few options or drop us a mail and we can send you some recommendations for a great place to stay where you will feel welcome enabling you to relax and get a good nights sleep after a great days creeking.

Lunch is a personal choice and we will stop at a local market or bakery so that we can re-fuel after our first run!

For dinner you have various options with restaurants close by or if you would like a halfboard option then just let us know when you get in touch!

Equipment related to creeking and its pros and cons with relation to our kayaking skill and future intentions will also be covered throughout the course.  Also anyone who comes on our courses will receive a PEAK UK discount voucher.

Group Composition

Our ratio for the Creeking Course is 1:3.  We will not take more than 6 clients (2 coaches with 4 or more clients) on this course and our courses are guaranteed to run with the minimum of 2 clients.  This gives you plenty of creeking action on some fantastic creeks and the opportunity to improve you technique, knowledge and understanding!

Steep Creeking Austria, Creeking Courses Austria
Steep Creeking Austria
Creeking Courses Austria, Kayaking St Anton am Arlberg
Rosanna River
Steep Creeking Courses Austria, Steep Creeking Europe
Steep Creeking Tirol
Creeking Courses Europe, Creeking Austria
Creeking Austria
Creeking St Anton am Arlberg, Creeking Courses Austria
St Anton am Arlberg

By focusing on Body, Boat and Blade we can work on the more advanced techniques required such as boofing, flaring, running bigger drops and waterfalls and dealing with the surroundings of more exposed or deeper terrain.

Creeking Courses Austria, Steep Creeking Tyrol
Steep Creeking Austria
Lech Gorge, Creeking Courses Lech am Arlberg
Creeking Lech am Arlberg
Lech Gorge, Creeking Courses Lech am Arlberg
Lech Gorge
Creeking Courses Austria, Kayak School Arlberg
Creeking Austria
Steep Creeking Courses Austria, Kayak School Arlberg
Steep Creeking Austria
Rosanna Creeking, Kayak St Anton am Arlberg Austria
Creeking St Anton am Arlberg

Instructors / Coaches / Guides

All of our Instructors/Coaches are fully qualified through British Canoeing and have a wealth of experience teaching kayaking not just in Austria and the German speaking Alps but all over the world.  Our Instructors/Coaches will tailor the course so that you learn at your own pace and of course your kayaking skills will progress extremely fast.


If you are staying in the local Stanzer valley we will come and pick you up in the morning and drop you off after kayaking for the day.  The river shuttle is undertaken with one of our cool little monkey motorbikes.  If you need any questions about vehicles or getting here then just drop us an email.

Creeking Course Dates:

20 - 21 May 2017

09 - 11 June 2017

29 - 30 July 2017

02 - 03 September 2017

Autumn Creeking Week:  

23-30 September 2017

Price: EUR 1250.- incl Bed and Breakfast

Creeking Kayak Courses