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Class 2-3 Kayaking Courses, Kayak Courses Austria, River Inn
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Already have some experience of whitewater kayaking and are now looking to feel more confident on Class 2-3 whitewater?  Our Improvers Kayaking Courses Class 2-3 are the perfect way to make that happen!  We have some fantastic sections of whitewater close to our base here in the Arlberg giving you the perfect opportunity to understand and develop those fundamental skills.

No more charging down the river with your head down, instead you will find a new, fun and dynamic way of kayaking features and rapids that you come across along the way!

Breaking in and out of the river is THE fundamental skill that we require when whitewater kayaking! We work on various techniques on different types of eddy’s whether they have stronger powerful lines and features or are tight with small margins for error. With our help you will work on a strategy of catching and making those eddy’s you previously may have avoided!

No date to suit your plans, holidays or needs?

Just drop us an email or give us a call. We are pretty flexible here at the Kayak School giving you the best opportunity to improve you kayaking and to move up a grade!

Group Course Prices

2 Day Kayak Course EUR 260 per person

3 Day Kayak Course EUR 360 per person

4 Day Kayak Course EUR 440 per person

Private Courses

€185 per person - for one person per day

€160 per person - for two people per day

€140 per person - for three or more people per day

Improver Courses Class II Course Dates:

13 - 14 May 2017

25 - 28 May 2017

03 - 06 June 2017

24 - 25 June 2017

14 - 16 July 2017

22 - 23 July 2017

12 - 14 August 2017

26 - 28 August 2017

05 - 06 September 2017

09 - 10 September 2017

25 - 27 September 2017

Throughout the duration of the course we work on your fundamental skills for whitewater kayaking.  Be it from the riverside coached sessions, to theory in the sand at an eddy or coaching and leading you through the rapids, our in depth knowledge and world class coaching will help you attain that goal of becoming a more confident, pro-active and dynamic kayaker!

Looking ahead, reading and predicting river features will help your understanding of whitewater immensely. It makes the skill of read and running rapids at lot less stressful and it gives you a solid, safe and fun line too! We will also occasionally get out to scout a rapid. This will help our understanding of whitewater, its features and the techniques and timing associated within this!.

Running waves and keeping the line can be quite confusing as not all waves are the same as we move towards Class 3. An integral part of this course is learning to work with diagonal waves, V waves and crashing or green style of waves.

Body position and forward paddling are fundamental to everything that we do while kayaking on a river. A dynamic forward paddle stroke is the key to building up confidence and getting to where you want to be on the river. Our body position also affects how we kayak, our boat reacts and how we run rapids. This is a essential skill that will be continually worked on throughout the duration of the course.

Advanced Techniques such as the draw stroke on the move and the bow rudder are extremely important in the higher river grades and it is on this course where we start our journey using them correctly and efficiently. A great way to do this is with a session on our secluded mountain lake and with no distractions from the river and its current it is the perfect place to understand and get a feel for you paddle blade before bringing it into whitewater.

Coaches / Instructors

All of our Coaches / Instructors are fully qualified through British Canoeing.  They have a wealth of experience not only here in Austria but around the world. Our knowledge of the German speaking Alps is second to none, which means we will kayak the right river for your technique, goals and water level. This is hugely important, as we do not offer courses to supplement our holiday! We live and breath kayaking here from our Arlberg base and this will shine through during your stay. Also our Coaches / Instructors speak fluent English, German and some speak Spanish!

Experience Required

You should have some experience of kayaking Class 2 whitewater. We will be kayaking for around 4-5 hours a day, so though you do not need to be an Olympic Athlete you should have a certain amount of paddle fitness or stamina!

Accommodation and Food

You are spoilt for choice here in the Arlberg. The region offers camping, bed and breakfast, holiday flats and of course hotels. Since the Kayak School began, we have been working with our partners, where you are made to feel welcome, enabling you to relax and get a good nights sleep after a great day of kayaking. If you would like help searching for your ideal place to stay just drop us a mail. Our partners offer great prices if you are coming here to kayak and are cheaper than what you can find online! Also please note that we do not take any commission from our partners!

Throughout the season you have plenty of options when it comes to restaurants. Be it a Tyroler Groestl, Wiener Schnitzel, Steak, Thai food or vegetarian there is something filling and tasty in our local restaurants, two of which are kayaker owned!!

Group Composition

Our ratio for Class 2-3 whitewater is 1:4. This gives you plenty of whitewater action and the opportunity to improve your kayaking while having the knowledge that your Coach / Instructor will spend time with everyone. All of our courses are guaranteed to run with just the minimum of 2 clients, what better way is there to improve your kayaking and take it up a level!

No date to suit your plans, holidays or needs?

Just drop us an email or give us a call. We are pretty flexible here at the Kayak School giving you the best opportunity to improve you kayaking and to move up a grade!

Improvers Class II-III Kayaking Courses in Austria, Kayak School Arlberg, Rosanna River

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Improver Class 2-3 Kayak Courses, Kayak School Lech, Lech River
Kayak School Arlberg, Lech River, Improver Class 2-3 Kayaking Courses in Austria
Class 2-3 Kayak Courses
Kayaking Courses Class II-III in Austria, Kayak School Europe

Kit to bring

If you have your own equipment then please bring it along for the course.  We teach the modern way of kayaking and so if you are in an extremely old, long boat with no edge then we have modern designed kayaks, paddles and equipment that is included in the price of the course.  A sturdy pair of river boots are mandatory (no sandals) plus any of your own personal kayaking apparel.


If you are staying in the local Stanzer valley we will come and pick you up in the morning and drop you off after kayaking for the day.  The river shuttle is undertaken with one of our cool little monkey motorbikes.  If you need any questions about vehicles or getting here then just drop us an email.

Kayak Courses Lech, Kayak School Europe, Class 2-3 Fundamental Skills Kayaking Courses
Lech River
Class 2-3 Kayak Courses, Kayaking Austria, Kayak School Arlberg
Improvers Class II-III Kayaking Courses, Kayak School Arlberg, River Inn
Kayaking Courses Class 2-3, Kayak School Arlberg, Lech River
Kayak School Arlberg, Class 2-3 Kayaking Courses Austria, River Lech
Class 2-3 Kayaking Course in Austria
Improvers Class 2-3 Kayaking Courses, Kayak Austria, River Lech
Kayaking Class 2-3 Austria, Kayak Landeck, Canoeing Courses Austria
Improvers Class 2-3 Kayaking Courses

Improvers Class 2-3 Kayaking Course