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The Lech Gorges

Austria’s best class V River!

The Lech Gorges really are world class!  They offer some of the best class V kayaking in Europe and it is one of our local runs!  Not so well known outside of the German speaking kayaking community we have been kayaking these gorges for years.  With crystal clear water you can even see the river bed in the quieter sections the scenery is outstanding both in and out of the gorges makes the Lech Gorges a must for the class V kayaker.

With more and more interest being shown in the Lech Gorges there is very little information around.  There is no river gauge and there is restricted access to the river.  Finding the take-out for the Lower Lech Gorge is also not the easiest and extremely critical - the Gorges can have deadly consequences with regards to wood and avalanche debris, in fact if there has been a big Winter then the river is blocked by snow even up to July!!

It has been known for groups to take over 5 hours to run just the Lower Gorge and some were extremely lucky to have made it!

This is not a place for the inexperienced!

So forget the ego’s and the idea that you are not a class V kayaker if you pay for a guide!  Rather have peace of mind that you will have a guide who not only knows the river but also runs it enough to see what really is the ideal level!

Please note that we will first kayak a similar stretch of river in the morning to make sure we are at the right level to run one of the Gorges in the afternoon!

The Lech Gorges are our Home Run!

However it is the not just the Lech Gorges that we can guide you down.  We offer Kayak Guiding in Austria, Switzerland and Germany and our knowledge of the area is second to none, so relax and let us show you the area and rivers.  We are sure you will be impressed and not only will go home with a huge smile on your face but a longing to come back and check out the other rivers of one of Europe’s top whitewater regions!

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Kayaking Lech Gorge, Kayak Guiding in Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Lech Gorge
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Upper Lech Gorge

Private Courses

€185 per person - for one person per day

€160 per person - for two people per day

€140 per person - for three or more people per day