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Kayak Austria
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Our equipment in the Kayak School is supplied by leading names in the kayaking industry.  We have spent years exploring and kayaking around the globe and our kayak and equipment manufacturing partners are the companies of choice.  Just check out the photos to see why we use these companies and their outstanding products!!

At Peak UK we pride ourselves as being world class innovators.  All our products are designed and tested by experts, both at paddling and garment production.  We use only the finest quality materials sourced all over the globe.  All our products are manufactured using the latest and highest quality techniques and machines available.  Our test team and start are the finest in our sport and business, including World, Olympic and National Champions and some of the foremost adventurers and expedition leaders out there!

Kayak School Arlberg, Rosanna Gorge
Rosanna Gorge
Peak UK, John Blake
Peak UK
Wave Sport Kayaks, Kayak School Arlberg
Wave Sport Kayaks
Robson Paddles, Ute Heppke
Robson Paddles
River Uhl, Kayak School Arlberg
Ute Heppke - First Descent of River Uhl in India

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